Favorite Hikes within 20 min of San Francisco

I loved exploring places that were right across the Golden Gate Bridge. Since I used to train for marathons, I would run from Ferry Building, across the Golden Gate Bridge, and into the Marin Headlands. Here are some spots I loved

1. Slackers Hill


2. Somewhere along the Coastal Trail right after Slackers Hill


3. Tennessee Point – you can continue the Coastal Trail until the Pacific Ocean and eventually reach Rodeo Beach and then Tennessee Point. You can also drive to Rodeo Beach and hike from there.


4. Angel Island

Take a ferry there from SF, Sausalito or Tiburon! You can spend the day biking or hiking. The highest peak only takes less than an hour to hike if you go straight up but there are more trails that go around the island and even a campsite to stay overnight.


5. Fort Funston

It’s a dog park! Come here to pet dogs if you don’t have any.


6. Mori Point

This is in Pacifica. I hear Pacifica Beach is perfect for surfing.



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